Tu scendi dalle stelle (You come down from the stars): A Christmas song by St. Alphonsus


 “Tu scendi dalle stelle.” The creator of this famous Christmas song long remained unknown to the general public. In the 1960s the Redemptorist historian, Fr. Oreste Gregorio, urged the various media of the time to give the correct paternity to this renowned pastorale. Giuseppe Verdi, after the Christmas vigil of 1890 in the Doria Palace in Genoa, recognized that without this Christmas pastorale it would not seem like Christmas.

St. Alphonsus composed this pastorale in Nola, where he had gone to preach at Christmas (perhaps in 1757). Its history is recorded in the biography written by Celestino Berruti “The Spirit of St. Alphonsus.” (Read the full historical reference (in Italian) at:http://www.intratext.com

Today, the relationship between St. Alphonsus and Tu scendi dalle stelle is recognized by almost everyone, as one can observe from the selection of several videos collected and presented on YouTube.

For the text and music: Tuscendi

To learn more, go to: http://www.santalfonsoedintorni.it

(Translation: Fr.  Joseph P. Dorcey, CSsR)

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