Meeting of Five Coordinators of the Conferences with the General Government


An annual meeting of the five Coordinators with the General Government was held from 16 to 20 March 2015 in Rome.

The Coordinators gave some reports about the situation of the Conferences, including new initiatives, “successes,” and positive developments, as well as the challenges and “weaknesses.” There was also a summary of the process of the elections in various Units and the process of transition connected to Units’ new Councils as well as the decisions of the Assemblies in various Conferences.

Most of the time was dedicated to the preparation for the First Phase and the Canonical Phase of the XXV General Chapter. Dates have been reserved for every Conference during which each Conference has to choose the days for the Conference Assembly and the First Phase of General Chapter: Africa-Madagascar: January 10-24, 2016; Asia-Oceania: February 1-14, 2016; North America February 22- March 5, 2016; Europe: April 4-16, 2016; Latin America and the Caribbean: May 1-14,2016. The Canonical Phase will be hold from October 31 to November 26, 2016 in Thailand.

The participants discussed questionnaires prepared by the Central Preparatory Commission for the evaluation of the state of the Units and the Conferences.

The General Government presented the coordinators with a new vision for common formation in the CSSR and requested their insights. These same decisions had already been presented for consultation to the General Secretariat for Formation. The decisions will be presented to the CSSR formators who gather in Rome in April 2015, and then they will be published.

The Coordinators also had the possibility to meet with the members of the Commission for Economic Solidarity in CSSR and with Fr. Gerry O’Conner who is the Procurator for Africa and Madagascar. Fr. Juventius Andrade updated the coordinators concerning Congregational initiatives for the Jubilee Year of Our Mother of Perpetual Help beginning June 27, 2015.

Fr. Jack Kingsbury (Coordinator from North America) was ill and it was impossible for him to travel so Fr. Matt Allman (Baltimore Province) represented him during the meeting. The Coordinators present during the meeting were: Fr. Arnaud-Guy Agbossaga (Africa-Madagascar), Joventio Ma (Asia-Oceania), Manny Rodriguez Delgado (Latin America and the Caribbean), and Jacek Zdrzałek (Europe).

The next common meeting of the Coordinators will be held from May 29 to June 3, 2016 in Rome.

Fr. Jacek Zdrzałek

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