Thailand: Pattaya Progress


We all know of the wonderful work that was started by Father Ray Brennan in Pattaya. But work did not stop with his Passing in 2003.

Not only has it continued under the current leadership of Father Pattarapong and Father Michael Picharn, and assistance of Father Matthew Vrasak Buranapol and Brother Denis Gervais, but the projects at the Father Ray Foundation have almost doubled in number.

The new ”Father Ray Center for Children with Special Needs”, is being built in memory of Father Ray, and was announced last year on August 16, the tenth anniversary of his Passing. Children with Special Needs are one group in society that Father Ray never had finances to help.

He was planning to help them in 1980’s, but all his savings went to the school for the Blind Children. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of children in the Pattaya area with Down’s Syndrome, Autism, cerebral palsy and other intellectual disabilities, and there is nowhere for them to receive the therapy, education, training and support they need. This new project will not be just for the children but also for their families, where they too can receive the help and counseling they may need.

The Ground Breaking ceremony took place earlier this year in March, presided over by Father Picharn, who is also overseeing the construction. Hopefully this new Center of excellence will be ready in the early part of 2015, but we will wait until August the 16th for the official opening ceremony, the twelfth anniversary of Father Ray’s Passing.

So, keep this date clear in your diaries. We hope as many of you as possible can attend the opening of this new and much needed project.

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