Wschód : An opportune time to talk about God and His love


Collaboration with lay people for better missionary work is an important part of our life as Redemptorists. We want to share our joy of working together with  men and women in countries of former Soviet Union. Since 1991, Missionary Team “Wschód” (wschód in Polish means: east or eastern), established by Warsaw Province is preaching Gospel especially in Ukraine and Belarus for children and young adults every year. We are organizing a weeklong camp during summer holiday, in which we use our time to talk about God, Gospel and wonderful message about plentiful redemption, which Christ gave us in His unconditional love.

From 1 to 4 May we had meeting of our Team in Lubaszowa. We were discussing about our apostolic plans for summer. In July and August we want to arrange six camps: two in Belarus and four in Ukraine. We will talk and preach according to the topic: “I believe in Jesus – Son of God”. We want to share about a few examples of people whose life was changed after their meeting with Christ, e.g.: St. Peter, St. Paul, blind man, Samaritan Woman.

We are watching with concern and compassion on the political and the social situation of Ukraine. We want to go there anyway: besides preaching Gospel, we can also show our solidarity for Ukrainians in this way.

We request you to for pray for Ukraine, Ukrainians, that Christ’s victory over death may give light to the people to end violence.

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