3rd Redemptorist Congress on Drugs Prevention 2015


The Educational Centre for young people support (CECAM in Portuguese), one of the Redemptorist social works in Trindade (Brasil), promoted the 3rd Congress on Drugs Prevention 2015 on April, 27th-28th.

During this event there was the opening of the Social Centre “Eternal Father”, that has a new auditorium, a new sports ground, some new rooms for the different activities of the Redemptorist Social Works.

With the slogan “The Church in dialogue with the world in help to the life”, the Congress discussed the issue with some health workers, with some researchers and religious to help together to save the human dignity. “We want to discern how too prevent the use of drugs inside the family in the social and cultural context, with the aim to make the society aware that the prevention is more effective than the repression”, said the director of the Redemptorist Social Works, Fr. Reinaldo Martins.

In the Congress, adolescents, young people and adults were invited to take part in the lectures and discussions about these issues: “Drugs and psychological consequence of the family violence”, “Drug and the meaning of existence”, “communication used among the people”, “drugs, it is better to not enter, but to exit”, “digital dependence among young people and children”, and “the faith against the drug and in help to the family”.

More information: For decades, Brazil was only a transit route for drugs produced in the Andes, destined eventually to the United States or Europe. Today, Brazil is instead increasingly becoming a consumer of cocaine and the identikit of the addict varies regardless of the young hoodlum from the favelas and elite of Sao Paulo, the national financial center. In Rio de Janeiro gangs of drug dealers have become a parallel power to the government, because there is a system of bribery and possession of private arsenals so large as to defy the army.

Carlos Espinoza

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