The plans of the Secretariat for Evangelization in 2015


The evaluation of the work of the Secretariat in the last two years and the plans for 2015 were the main tasks during the meeting on 14 February 2015 in Rome.

The working group of the New Missionary Initiatives for RECAMP 2015 invites (from 27th July to 2nd August) to Venice (Italy). The experiences and the feedback from the last REDCAMP in Krakow 2014 (Poland) helped to improve the programme and the vision in which way the Religious and lay Redemptorists, from so many various countries and mentalities, can evangelize together in the modern world.

Astorga “Welcome House” will serve pilgrims on the St. James’ Way in July and August 2015. The responsible persons from Spain are waiting the volunteers from all our Units in the CRE who can dedicate at least two weeks for this kind of evangelization.

The Youth Commission presented up-to date information about WYD 2016 in Kraków (Alphonsian Day: 27th July 2016; Days in the Archdiocese of Wrocław: July 20 – 25, 2016) and about the XI European Redemptorist Youth Meeting in 2017 in Spain.

The Partnership in Mission Group is preparing the meeting for our Redemptorist Laity in December 2015.

You will find the details of all planned meetings successively on the web-page of the CRE:

There are some changes about the members of some Working Groups in this Secretariat. Sr. Renate Drexler MSsR (Austria) and Mr. Jelle Wind (Holland) are the new members of Social Ministry Working Group and Martin Holzhausen (Germany) is the new member of the Youth Commission.

The President of the Secretariat: Pedro Lopez (Madrid Province), Piotr Sułkowski from Rome Province (Youth Commission); Winfried Pauly from Sanctus Clemens (Social Ministry), Martin Huk from Bratislava Viceprovince (Partnership in Mission) and Luigi Ramazzotti from Rome Province (New Missionary Initiatives) were present during the meeting. The Coordinator of the CRE was also invited for that meeting.

Secretariat for Evangelization of the CRE

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