Assembly: Conference of Redemptorists of North America


The Conference Assembly for North America took place November 10-14, 2015 at the Redemptorist Renewal Center in Tucson, AZ, hosted by the Denver Province. Fr. John Kingsbury, C.Ss.R., the Coordinator of the Conference, gives a report

 Coordinator Activity Report:

John Kingsbury, C.Ss.R. reported about his visits to various Units in North America as well as his meetings in Rome with the General Government and the other Conference Coordinators.  The Partners in Mission is being revived as a Conference Secretariat. Proposals from other Conference Commissions were discussed at this Assembly

 Conference Financial Report:

The budget year will be changed to a calendar year, rather than July 1st to June 30th, and the current budget will be extended to 18 months during this transition.

 Ste Anne de Beaupre Province Update:

Mario Boies, C.Ss.R. presented an overview of the Ste Anne de Beaupre Province reality. They are in the midst of a major restructuring of their Apostolates and are seeking the support of the other Units in the Conference.

 Conference Apostolic Priority (Extraordinary Preaching)

The Conference Committee (Bob Halter, C.Ss.R.; Jon Hansen, C.Ss.R.; Peter Hill, C.Ss.R.; Maurice Nutt, C.Ss.R.; Jim Wallace, C.Ss.R. and John Kingsbury, C.Ss.R.) presented the proposal that “Area Missions” be coordinated by the Conference.  The Conference Assembly approved that discussions by this Committee concerning Area Missions move forward and that a part-time confrere be sought out to help organize these specific initiatives.

 NA Redemptorist Spirituality Commission

The Spiritually Commission report was given by David Louch, C.Ss.R. The following proposals were presented to the Assembly.

 Proposal #1: That a Conference-level text be developed for the C.Ss.R. feasts in the Divine Office.  The Conference Assembly approved that this item continue to move forward to become a printed document.

 Proposal #2: That a Conference-level text be developed for the C.Ss.R. Community Prayer Manual. The Conference Assembly requested that certain parts continue to be developed and that the text be made available in a digital form on the Conference website.

 Proposal #3: That the Bylaws of the NA Redemptorist Spirituality Commission be accepted.  The Conference Assembly approved the bylaws.

 General Government

The Superior General Mike Brehl, C.Ss.R. attended this Conference Assembly and, along with Jeffery Rolle, C.Ss.R., the General Consultor, spoke about issues within the Congregation and preparations for the General Chapter.

 Geographic Small Group Discussions

 CanadaResult of Discussions.  All Provinces will discuss the restructuring of Canada at their Chapters. The Provincial Governments plan to meet often in the coming Quadrennium to discuss restructuring options.

 Baltimore: Result of Discussions. The Baltimore Province, Vice-Province of Richmond and the English Speaking Caribbean Region will continue discussions in the coming Quadrennium.

 Denver & Extra-PatriamResult of Discussions: The Denver Province and the Extra-Patriam Vice Province will create a Committee to discuss ways for more dialogue between these two Units and some possible joint Apostolic initiatives.


Phil Dabney, C.Ss.R. is coordinating Conference level preparations for the OLPH 150th Jubilee.  Liguori Publications is now the Conference supply center for OLPH materials.

 Year of Consecrated Life

The Conference Assembly asks that the Conference Coordinator write a letter to the Redemptorist Communities encouraging the development of activities concerning an understanding of our vocation as Redemptorists as well as to connect with other Religious Communities in regard to any diocesan wide events.

 Next Session:

The next Conference Assembly is penciled in to take place September 21-25, 2015 and will be hosted by the San Alfonso Retreat House in West End, NJ.

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