A day in the life of a Redemptoristine Nun


I live in a contemplative community and though my days might look to an outsider pretty much the same and perhaps even dull or wasted, there is more than enough of variety, surprises and opportunities to learn and experience something new in the most ordinary days. Every morning my alarm clock tries hard to wake me up. Well, most of the times it does wake me up but it is not the alarm clock that makes me get up. I start my day with gratitude to God for the gift of a new day.

The community gathers in the chapel for the first common prayer at 7am. We start with a hymn to the Holy Spirit, entrusting ourselves, all that is ahead of us as well as the whole world to his guidance. What follows is one of the most precious moments of my day. We have thirty minutes of silent meditation which I love to spend with the Gospel reading for the day. I try to listen to God‟s word as it shapes my way of thinking and being in the concrete situations of my life. Then we proceed with praying the Liturgy of the Hours, namely the invitatory and the morning prayer. During the day we come back at different hours to pray the other parts of the Office around which our whole life is centered. Nevertheless, it‟s not just about saying the prayers in the chapel. Whether I am working, eating, doing my studies, reading a book, playing the piano, walking in the garden, spending time in solitude or with the sisters, I know that every minute of the day, every breath I take is an expression of prayer.

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