Four more confreres were ordained in Harare, Zimbabwe


On 14 February four of confreres were ordained in Harare, Zimbabwe. The Archbishop celebrated the ordination and was flanked by Fr. William Guri, the outgoing Regional Superior and Fr. Raymond Mupandasekwa the new Regional Superior.  Fr. Ronald McAinsh, Provincial Superior from London was also present.

The ceremony was held outdoors and took four hours, followed by a two hour reception. In the evening the Redemptorist Region of Zimbabwe also celebrated. The following day the four young priests went to the various places in which we minister to celebrate their first Masses. In one rural area, there was a tent, but in another poorer part the rains came, and there was no covering; so everyone had to crowd into a small mission classroom. It struck me as a very simple and humble first Mass among the people whom Alphonsus called us to serve


The four, Francis, Gift, Gideon and Kenneth, had spent their month of preparation for final vows in Poland and benefited greatly from it. They were wearing the vestments given by the community in Tuchow. We are grateful to our Polish confreres.

Fr. McAinsh also thanked the formators and the local leader Brother Benjamin who had accompanied these four confreres over the 10 years, their families and the members of the Region as well as our loyal benefactors.

Zimbabwe continues to struggle, and the work being done among the poor, the illiterate, child headed households, and hungry children, as well as the popular missions, retreats and parish work can only be attributed to a great grace. Please continue to pray for the Region of Zimbabwe and for the country.

Ronald J. McAinsh, C.Ss.R.

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