The WYD special meeting, with brother Jefrey Rolle


On the 22nd of October many of our volunteers came to our academic Christian ministry „Redemptor” to welcome special guests (visitors in parish) brother Jefrey Rolle from Caribbean and brother Ivan Horban from Ukraine. Ela shortly presented what we have done till now for the World Youth Days and also what we still have to do to be prepared for days in Wrocław diocese. Afterwards our guests introduce us into their missionary work and tell us about how many people from all around world may visit us during WYD- not only different nations but also another rite or way of worshipping God.


Remember that we’re waiting for all of you in Redemptor!
At the end of this special visit there were only few things left- group shot, prayer and blessing from brother Jefrey.

About the World Youth Day 2016

The entries started coming in just after Pope Francis’s speech from the Pope’s window on the 26th of July, when he registered for the meeting as the first person, and the pilgrims from all over the world decided to follow suit.
Amongst the received registrations, there is a predominance of Polish, Italian, American and Canadian groups. A significant number of entries come from Eastern Europe, in particular Ukraine. Also, pilgrims from the Middle East, Palestine, Syria, India, Pakistan as well as other Asian countries constitute a considerable proportion of registrations.
On the 7th of September, the number of people signed up for World Youth Day in Krakow exceeded 300 thousand.

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