WYD Cracow 2016 – sign up for it. Redemptor Group is open!


The formal registration system for WYD Cracow 2016 was launched in August. Our Group “Redemptor” is registered as an international group. So far we have enrolled 20 subgroups from Poland, Slovakia, Germany, Italy, France, Germany, Russia, Kazakhstan, USA, Burkina Faso, Argentina, Brazil, Czech Republic, Vietnam and United Kingdom.

The enrollment is still going. We welcome all who want to join us and encourage to sign up! If you do it now, you will have better accommodation places in Cracow (closer to the center of the city).

See you in Wrocław and Kraków at World Youth Day 2016!

Preparatory Committee of WYD Kraków 2016 – Redemptor

Contact: krakow2016.redemptor.pl

Fr. Paweł (Paul) Drobot

  1. Zamojskiego 56, 30-523 Kraków, Poland

Mobile: +48 515 660 125

e-mail: krakow2016@redemptor.pl

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