From Tirana to Spain for the feast of Rocio


From Tirana yes. Not from Triana. Tirana (Albania) yes. Not from Triana (district of Seville). It’s not a mistake.

He is Laureano del Otero, Redemptorist missionary in Albania, and he traveled to Spain for the feast of Rocio, to walk the pilgrimage with the people of Sevilla Sur.

Yes, from Tirana. Not from Triana. He came from Albania with a hat with red ribbon, waving and also on it the eagle symbolizing Albania. He just comes from a district of Tirana, Kamëz.

Laureano del Otero, “father Lauri”, misionero Redemptorist born in Astorga (Spain), fond of Seville and, with the Perpetual Help assist, the Virgen del Rocío, it goes along with the group of Sevilla Sur, which is chaplain pilgrimage.

After 5 years working in Sevilla, where he left beautiful memories, from 2014 is one of the leaders, along with an Irish priest and another polish priest, the first Redemptorist mission in Albania, a country stricken by communism.

¡¡Viva Tirana!! ¡¡Viva Tirana!!

The first community of Redemptorist in Albania: Kamëz

The Redemptorist community has received the mission to serve the Catholic community of Kamëz, including the Parish of St. John Mary Vianney of Kamëz, the Parish of the nearby village of Luz and Kasalle area. In all three places the Eucharist is celebrated, although Kasalle and Light have only a small chapel, whichout electricity or running water. Kamëz is a large urban center, which have settled Catholic families who have migrated from the northern mountains. Luz and Kasalle are rural populations. But in all of them you can see a humble lifestyle and economy of survival. The roads are bad and you can see the wounds of abandonment and poverty. Here is our Albanian “Scala”.

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