Argentinian Redemptorist Missions in Africa


The fourth meeting of missionary formation for the laity was on February 16. It was a gathering, training and preparation for the mission of Inhassoro (Mozambique),which would take place in  July with the slogan “Stay with us, Lord, it’s became evening”, and for the mission of Quissico (Mozambique) that will be in September, two missionary experiences for the year 2015. Both missions will be developed as part of the Year of Faith announced and promoted by the Diocese of Inhambane (diocese of Muvamba); its preparation was entrusted to the Redemptorists.


“We are all ready since last year, by being engaged in the preparation: sharing of information, meetings and training, meetings with the local community, logistics, etc . The missionary team of Maputo accompanies the preparation of the mission of Quissico and the staff missionary of Muvamba accompanies the preparation of the mission of Inhassoro”, tell us the Redemptorist priests.


In every place, there has been a series of  meetings of interactions and dialogue and meeting with the community, preparation of missionaries, etc. In this fourth meeting with the laity of Muvamba, there was the exercise of prayerful reading of texts that are used for the missionary visits, also the opportunity to learn some songs for animation and training led by Father Ernesto.

Also from Mozambique people ask us to entrust their work to our prayers through Our Lady of Perpetual Help.


The Catholic mission in Mozambique was commissioned to the  redemptorist family of Argentina since 2002. This community engaged in that little piece of Africa has grown in the number of faithful and in missionary zeal. To see some pictures of this community blessed by God, you can visit the website:

(Carlos Espinoza)

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