3. The following are the decisions made by the XXV General Chapter on formation

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The following are the decisions made by the XXV General Chapter
on formation. The decisions are introduced as:
“The Congregation is continually in process of formation and development”
(Cons. 82).
In a world that is evolving and changing dramatically, the General Chapter was
well aware of the need to promote formation in the Redemptorist Charism
that is serious, interdisciplinary and continuous. Each Redemptorist Missionary
is called to give witness to his own vocation through a life-long process of
being formator and being formed. (Cf. Cons. 77). An integral formation that
synthesizes life and knowledge will better enable us to be more authentic in
our mission in the world and in the Church.

  1. Vocation Ministry as an authentic priority
    Vocation Ministry must be a priority in the pastoral planning of all Units
    and local communities, ensuring that the necessary personnel and
    material resources are made available in order to realize the objectives
    of this ministry.
    Every Unit, by itself or in collaboration with other Units, will appoint fulltime Vocation
    Promoters who will work together as a team to promote
    the Redemptorist missionary vocation.
    In the promotion of the Redemptorist missionary vocation, special
    attention is to be given to the promotion of the vocation of the
    Redemptorist Brother.
  2. An Evaluation of Every Formation Program in the Congregation
    The General Government will task the Secretariat for Formation to work
    with the Executive Secretary for Formation and each Conference
    Coordinator to ensure that during this sexennium, every Unit and
    Conference will engage in a complete and detailed analysis of its initial
    formation program at all levels, ensuring coherence and compliance
    with the Ratio Formationis of the Congregation and to determine
    whether its current program is truly preparing future Redemptorists for
    the mission of the Congregation as embodied in the missionary
    priorities of the Conference.
  3. Formation for Mission and Evangelization in a Secularized World
    In order that future Redemptorist missionaries will be better equipped
    to evangelize in a secularized society, each Conference Secretariat of
    Formation will engage the assistance of qualified professionals and
    confreres whose study, research and expertise in this area can be put at
    the service of Redemptorist formation.
  4. In solidarity with the poor
    All Units will ensure that initial and ongoing formation programs include
    components of “formation by insertion” which allow for experiences of
    real closeness to the poor. They will develop programs that will make
    provision for a period of a more stable sharing in the life and lifestyle of
    the poor whom we serve.
  5. Preserving the vitality of the Redemptorist tradition in Moral
    Since knowledge of Moral Theology is part of our tradition from the
    time of Alphonsus, the Congregation will pursue a variety of ways to
    preserve and develop the teaching of, and research in, this science.
    Familiarity with the science of Moral Theology is to be considered a
    requirement of the ordinary formation of every Redemptorist. As such,
    it is to be given priority in the initial and continuing formation of all
    confreres. Those confreres with a particular aptitude for study and
    research will be encouraged to pursue higher studies in this science to
    ensure the continuation of our tradition.
  6. Continuing Formation
    The General Government will expand the membership of the General
    Secretariat for Formation. This expansion will allow the Secretariat to
    take responsibility for both initial and continuing formation more
    effectively. The work of the Secretariat will endeavour to develop
    programs that aim at conversion of hearts, at more effective ways of
    achieving the vision we have in common, and at deepening our specific
    Redemptorist identity.
  7. Regular Courses for Formators
    The General Secretariat for Formation will continue to offer regular
    courses for the preparation and ongoing training of Directors of
    Formation, either in Rome, in the Conferences, or on-line. The same
    Secretariat shall continue to produce resources to aid Formation
    Directors in carrying out formation for Mission in the Congregation.
    Particular attention must be given to the “importance of missionary
    availability” as a determining factor in a vocation to Redemptorist life.
  8. Training of Laity in Moral Theology
    Each Conference will arrange for the regular formation of lay partners
    on the moral teaching of the Church, and investigate the possibility of
    sponsoring a capable Lay Partner in the pursuit of an advanced degree
    in the area of Moral Theology.
  9. Communications and the New Media
    Each of the five Conferences of the Congregation will appoint a confrere
    who will undergo study and training in the area of Communication. He
    will then assume responsibility for the Communication needs of the