2020 Ratio Formationis Generalis


Ratio Formationis Generalis is a term in Latin that is used to signify the principles and values for formation in all of its stages.  The General Government presents to the Congregation and the formation of the Congregation this Ratio Formationis Generalis 2020.  It is not a new Ratio Formationis Generalis. Rather, it is an updated and revised Ratio to incorporate decisions and other aspects of integral formation which have assumed greater importance in recent years.  

From the principles and values enunciated in the Ratio Formationis Generalis are elaborated the particular Ratio, the Directories, the Programs, and the other documents related to formation. The Ratio Formationis Generalis is a valuable and basic document for the evaluation of the formation programs.

2020 Ratio Formationis Generalis, English (click here)

Presentation Letter, Fr. General, Michael Brehl

Power point presentation on the contents of the Ratio

Introductory article (profile) to the Ratio Formationis Generalis, actualized 2020

Power-point presentation of introductory article to the Ratio