Melbourne Redemptorist talks about the Church’s social teaching (video)

Ahead of his public talk on the evening of Wednesday 12 October, Melbourne Redemptorist priest, Father Bruce Duncan, spared us a few minutes to speak candidly about the Church’s social teachings, commonly held to be the Church’s ‘best kept secret’.
He spoke about Pope Francis’ role in revolutionising the way the Church’s age-old social teachings have now been thrust into the limelight during his papacy, but also about the role of previous popes over the many centuries during which the Church has honed and refined its all-important teachings on social justice and social equity, the environment, immigration and more.
Father Duncan can be heard speaking live on these issues on Wednesday evening, 12 October, at 7.30pm, at Holy Eucharist Church, Oleander Avenue, St Albans South, in western Melbourne.
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Fr Bruce Duncan, Redemptorist, talks about the Church’s social teaching