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General Historical Archives
of the
Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer


The General Historical Archive of the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer preserves, orders and catalogues all the documents of historical value of the Congregation, starting from the writings of its founder Alfonso Maria de’ Liguori; such as the official documents of the General Government and of the provinces, vice-provinces, regions and members of the Congregation. And also any documentation that relates to the Congregation or any of its members.

The General Archives began to be organised from the time of the founder himself, who was concerned that important documents should be preserved and given the greatest attention in the respective archives of the local communities.

The General Archive began in Pagani in the 19th century and its first archivist was Fr Giovanni Giuseppe Sabelli, who gathered and organised all the documents from 1747 to 1848.

In 1856 the General Archives were opened in Rome under the direction of Fr Eduardo Schwindenhammer. After the reunification of the Congregation in 1869, a large part of Pagani’s archive was transferred to Rome.
Schwindenhammer as General Archivist were: Fr. Michael Ulrich in 1862; Fr. Friedrich Kuntz, 1879; Fr. Eduard Bührel, 1903; Fr. Jean Baptiste Raus, 1924; Fr. Philip Hoffmann, 1946; Fr. Maurice De Meulemeester, 1949; Fr. André Sampers, 1951; Fr. Hernán Arboleda Valencia, 1986, Fr. Raúl Campos, 2004; Fr. Edward Nocuń, 2007; Fr. Adam Owczarski, 2013-.

In 1989, the General Archives began digitization with the LIDOS program. Currently we are working with ARBOR.
The Historical General Archive is always accessible to those who wish to investigate. It is only closed during the months of July and August, as well as during the Christmas and Easter holidays and on Saturdays and public holidays.

The Archivists

Fr. Adam Owczarski, CSsR – General Archivist
Tel: 06 494901

Fr. Jean Beco, CSsR – Vice-Archivist General