General Commission for Africa and Madagascar

Meeting of the Commission, 2019; from left to right: Fr. J. Apisit, Fr. R. Correa, Fr. F. Stanula, Fr. J. Gómez, Fr. N. Ayouba, Fr. S. Wales, Fr. G. Parker.

Members of the Commission are
Fr. Nicolas Ayouba (General Consultor, member of the General Secretariat for Evangelization),
Fr. Sean Wales (South Africa),
Fr. Joseph Apisit (Thailand),
Fr. Glenn Parker (Richmond),
Fr. Ramón Correa (Buenos Aires)
Fr. Jorge Gómez (Bogotá)
Fr. Francois Stanula (Francia). 

The Conference of Redemptorists for Africa & Madagascar (COREAM)

The Conference is the intermediate structure between the General government and the provinces and vice provinces. It includes all Redemptorists who live and work within Africa & Madagascar.