Letter to the Members of the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer -September 15, 2005


September 15, 2005

To: All Confreres of the Congregation
From: The General Commission for Restructuring
Re: Update on the work of the Commission for Restructuring

Dear Confreres,

The Commission on Restructuring, appointed by the General Government in 2004, held its Second Meeting at the National Shrine of Our Lady of Aparecida, Brazil, from August 29 to September 3, 2005. All members of the Commission were present.

As requested, each member of the Commission, with the help of the General Consultor from each Region, prepared a Report on his Region in preparation for the meeting. The Reports presented focused on the functioning of the present six global Regions of the Congregation and included an analysis of what in each Region serves, or does not serve, apostolic vitality in relation to mission, formation, finance and governance. Existing efforts at restructuring, collaboration and solidarity were also evaluated.

The Reports provided us with a very comprehensive overview of the situation of the Congregation in the different Regions and provided us with the basis for our continued reflection on the task of restructuring entrusted to us by the General Government.

This reflection enabled us to uncover the criteria necessary in making concrete proposals to take the work of restructuring further. The criteria provided us with the essential guiding principles which, we hope, will provide a framework for the task of restructuring.

Having established the criteria, we then turned our attention to the various Regions, as well as the Congregation as a whole, with a view to making proposals for each of the six Regions. In doing so, we endeavored to keep in mind that any such proposals should ensure apostolic vitality and effectiveness in a world of rapid change with changing human realities. In effect, this meant taking into consideration the unique situation and specific needs of each Region.

As our meeting ended we were able to draft an initial Document on Restructuring, comprising the Guiding Principles for Restructuring and the various Proposals for each of the six Regions. This Document has been submitted to the members of the General Council for their deliberation. The Commission will meet with the General Council in Rome this coming December 19-21, 2005 with a view to moving the process forward.

It is our intention that after our December meeting we will be in a position to submit a refined draft of the above mentioned Document to the Congregation world-wide for your deliberation and comment, which will then enable the Commission to prepare a final draft of the Document for presentation at the mid-sexennial meetings in 2006.

As a Commission we are very conscious that the work of restructuring in the Congregation will not succeed without the help and cooperation of all confreres. With this in mind, we ask for your continued support and prayer.

With every good wish, we remain,
fraternally in the Most Holy Redeemer,

Juan Lasso de la Vega, C.Ss.R.

Larry Kaufmann, C.Ss.R.

Con J. Casey, C.Ss.R.

Guy Pilote, C.Ss.R.
(North America)

Brendan J. Kelly, C.Ss.R.

José Ulysses da Silva, C.Ss.R.
(Latin America)

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