Redemptorist Hospitality and Walk to Santiago


(Astorga, Spain) – For the sixth consecutive year, the Secretariat of Evangelization will offer the Christian Hospitality on the Way (CHW) at the St. Alphonsus house in Astorga for those who walk to Santiago.

“As you know, we read in the letter sent to Scala News, it is a small international community (maximum 8 people  a week) that will welcome the pilgrims during the months of July and August, who make the Journey to Santiago through Astorga. This missionary experience responds to two objectives:

a)  to incorporate our Province to the call of Pope Francis to the New Evangelization, with the creation of new spaces for the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ the Redeemer, with audacity and creativity;

b) to respond to the priorities of the  Conference of Europe, which is aimed at establishing a common European space for youth ministry and young adults.

The international community will start on 1st of July and end on 19th of August. Its mission is to develop in the city a Christian hospitality on the Way, in collaboration with the inter-diocesan network that favors the Christian roots of the Way through spiritual offerings for the pilgrims. The composition of the community will be of Redemptorists and lay people of our Province and of other parts of Europe

Víctor Ballesteros, C.Ss.R.

More information:

Christian Hospitality on the Way – 2018