Inter-provincial spiritual exercises for young Redemptorists.


(Ciorani, Italy) The Neapolitan Province of the Redemptorists has organized a few days of spiritual exercises led by the Bishop of Avellino Mons. Arturo Aiello, in harmony with the theme of the Church and the Synod on  Youth, that will be celebrated soon,  in Ciorani. The gathering and the spiritual exercises took place from 17 to 20, September 2018.

The Bishop not only conducted the meditations but also animated the liturgy of the hours, presided over the Eucharist and procured other useful moments sharing to live a climate of silence and prayer.

John 1: 19-51 was the Gospel passage that the Bishop chose as a guide: all the participants lived the spirit of these verses with intensity and silence these days: priests (including two from the Roman Province), novices and postulants

The answers to the questions that the evangelist puts on the lips of the various characters of the Gospel: “Who are you?”, “What are you looking for?”, are reflections that could support every Redemptorist who meets young people in their ministry, provoking in them these and other questions, pointing to the Lamb of God, inviting to go and see and then stay and share his life with Him.

On the afternoon of the 20th and the morning of the 21st, we dedicated the time for some stage activities: those present for these exercises have planned and presented some programmes regarding the Redemptorist Youth Vocation Ministry for the next pastoral year that we are preparing face.

P. Filippo Strippoli, CSsR

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