The Work of the Oblate Sisters of the Most Holy Redeemer bears Fruits in Angola


(Lobito, Angola) On the occasion of the celebration of the 105th anniversary of the foundation of the port city of Lobito, Benguela (Angola), on 2 September 2018, the City Council of Lobito awarded the Renacer Social Center (Rinascere) of the Oblate Sisters an honorable mention for the work among the women and adolescents in a situation of prostitution and high risk of social exclusion.

The seed of the Congregation was planted and is bearing fruits. For all this, we give thanks to God and to all the women, sisters, work team and other people who make possible the realization of this mission in Angola. (Oblates)

The mission

The projects and social centres of Oblates, considering the objectives of our mission, become places of welcome, integral support and search for opportunities for women. Many manage to disassociate themselves from the complex reality of prostitution, others do not, but all enter the process to improve their quality of personal and family life.

Individualized accompaniment, based on the pedagogy of love, encourages the passage of emergencies to the processes of autonomy and integration, which can be developed from psychosocial care, residential reception, training itineraries, entrepreneurship, labour insertion and the creation of other individual actions or group according to each reality.


We arrived in Luanda in the year 1995 and began our new foundation. Later we moved to the city of Lobito (Benguela), where our community is now and Renacer, a project with the aim of facilitating the promotion and reintegration of family members to the women affected by the phenomenon of prostitution. This country is part of our Most Holy Redeemer Province.

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