Meeting on the New Missionary Initiatives of the Conference of Europe


(Madrid, Spain) The working group for New Missionary Initiatives of the Conference of Europe met from Thursday, January 3rd until Saturday, January 5th, 2019 in Madrid. The community of Our Lady of Perpetual Help welcomed all the members: the coordinator Fr. Miguel Castro (Madrid), Fr. Charles Randall (London), Fr. Daniele Carta (Rome), Fr. Rastislav Dluhý (Bratislav-Prague) and the Lay Missionary of the Most Holy Redeemer José Oliveira (Lisbon).

The starting point of all the work developed during the first two days was The Apostolic and Restructuring Plan for the Conference of Europe for this six-year term. Based on the defined priorities in that document, all the members tried to point out ideas and guidelines for the Redemptorist mission in Europe.

This working group believes that one of its main tasks is to Coordinate and help to improve Communication and knowledge of the missions of the different Units. Two other “C” inspire us: the Collaboration of all and the strengthening of our identity and missionary Charism. It is clear for every member the importance of building bridges in a so fragmented European context through the seeking of new apostolic initiatives and the renovation of structures and methods.

At the end of the first two days, some goals and criteria were defined for the work of the coming months, and it was shared a common feeling of gratitude for the opportunity of dreaming new ways of preaching the Gospel.

The evening of the second day and the third day were dedicated to other activities, such as the musical “33”, the cultural visit to the city of Segovia or the Cavalcade of Magi in Madrid. It was a great opportunity for group members to get to know each other better.

José Silva Oliveira