The Redemptorists at the Plenary Council 2020, Australia


(Australia) Plenary Council 2020 is a chance for Catholics to listen to, & talk to one another in the presence of God to help shape the future of the Church in Australia. The Redemptorists were proud to participate in the listening & dialogue stage today.

More than 68,000 people have engaged with the Plenary Council during the Listening and Dialogue stage. As this comes to a close, there’s still three weeks for you to contribute your story, your experience of faith, Church and God in your life to help to shape the Plenary Council agenda.

The Listening and Dialogue stage will close on Ash Wednesday (March 6th, 2019). We would love to hear from you before then.

The Holy Spirit has spoken in 40,000 ways during the Listening and Dialogue phase of the Plenary Council 2020, and analysis of the responses show patterns are emerging.

The Listening and Dialogue phase ends on Ash Wednesday, March 6.

National Plenary Council facilitator Lana Turvey-Collins said the community in Brisbane archdiocese responded with “great heart” to the first stage of the Plenary Council 2020.

She said the diversity of the encounters and the diversity of the people provided a sense of the faith that was “holistic, diverse and filled with beauty, hurts, joys – but most of all love”.