The Redemptorists Promote Theological Courses for the Lay People in Harare

Lay theologians of St Peter Canisius Catholic Church venue in Marlborough, Harare

(Harare, Zimbabwe) Holy Trinity College, a school of theology co-owned by the Redemptorists, the Carmelites, and the Franciscans engaged in a massive programme to grant the Certificate in Theology to several lay people. This initiative has encouraged over one hundred and thirty (130) lay people enrolling for the programme in the parishes of St Gerard, St Peter Canisius and Assumption of Our Lady. The students will complete their lessons on the second of February 2019.

Lay theologians and nuns at Assumption of Our Lady Catholic Church venue in Rhodhesville, Harare

Ordinarily, the Holy Trinity College trains candidates to the priesthood and religious life. However, this initiative in which the local church sent several lay people to do their theological studies, where the local nuns too participated. Indeed, many people took advantage of this crash course which is affordable as it is five times cheaper than the conventional Certificate in Theology.

Lay theologians at Holy Trinity College venue in Highlands, Harare

The success of this programme means that the Redemptorists in Zimbabwe have played their part in educating and enlightening the local people. Until now, the local church relied on volunteers and barely had qualified catechists or other tutors of the faith. This was because education in Zimbabwe is generally too expensive and it would have cost the local church thousands of dollars which they cannot pay.

Following the success of the pilot programme, the college will go to other local parishes to try to promote lay theology.  Those who manage to become part of this programme expressed their profound gratitude and asked for such initiatives to be continued.

Mark Chikuni