Share a million dreams of tomorrow, encountering the youth of today


(Yogyakarta, Indonesia) The Redemptorists and the mission partners from around Asia-Oceania recently ended a joy-filled meeting on how to better support the youth. This inaugural Redemptorist Youth Ministry Gathering took place in Syantikara, Yogyakarta from the 21st to the 25th of July.

Those gathered rallied around the theme of the event: Share a million dreams of tomorrow, encountering the youth of today. It was a culturally enriching experience with participants from 11 units throughout Asia-Oceania including: Manila, Cebu, Ipoh, Thailand, Japan, Vietnam, Majella, Colombo, Korea, Indonesia and Oceania. The diversity of thought and experience of those gathered helped create an engaging atmosphere where strangers quickly became friends.

While there was plenty of time to bond and participate in festivities, the meeting focused on four issues to further the youth mission.

  1. Common Identity (Name, Logo, etc)
  2. Common Gatherings (what projects and meetings need to occur regularly)
  3.  Common Formation (For youth ministers)
  4. Collaboration in Mission

It would not be a stretch to conclude that the 1st Redemptorist Youth Ministry Gathering was a resounding success. This celebration and affirmation of the role of youth in the life of the Church is precisely what the Redemptorists of Asia – Oceania would like to express to the world.

Energised with the experiences and information gained from the gathering we trust Redemptorist Priests, Seminarians and Youth Ministers will return home more fully equipped to serve the youth of today.