The Redemptorist Youth Gathering in Indonesia


(Indonesia) The Indonesian Redemptorist young boys and girls who come from various backgrounds held their annual meeting from 17th to 21 of July 2019 at the Wisma Sang Penebus, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.  The Indonesian Redemptorist Youth Gathering (IRYG) was attended by 120 young people.  They came from Flores, Sumba, Kalimantan, Jakarta and Yogyakarta.

During the five days of the gathering of Youth, we chose the theme “SEE, SPEAK, START TOGETHER” as the main thought to reflect upon.

The opening Mass of the IRYG was led by the archdiocese’s categorical Episcopal Vicar, Fr.  Yohanes Dwi Harsanto.  In his sermon, Fr.  Santo invited the young people to be witnesses to the talented Jesus in the digital age.  He stressed that today young people must be brave and confident.  Therefore young people must develop talents to be reliable in living together.  With that young people have the ability to become ‘qualified’ missionaries.  The young people are friends of Jesus in the pilgrimage of living together and witnessing Jesus every day with other young people.  Therefore, young people must continue and faithfully build friendships with Christ, who is our ultimate source of inspiration.

During the IRYG programs, the young people held an exposure by attending and being involved in workshops related to audiovisual, environment, apostolic pen together with the intelligent publishers and users of technology together with Sanata Dharma University.  In addition to the workshop, on the third day a seminar and discussion was conducted on the Christus Vivit document with Fr.  Willy Pala CSsR, Hoax, social emotion and populism Religion with Fr.  Haryatmoko SJ and Reflections on the sexennium theme with Fr.  Kimy Ndelo CSsR.

During the IRYG event, young people shared their life stories through music and various artworks.  The cultural night was organised with a night filled with various artistic creativity presentations.

This meeting ended with the Holy Mass led by the Provincial Superior of the Redemptorists of Indonesia.  In the homily Fr.  Sebastian Ani, consultor General, invited the young people to make use of their young age to become leaders and pioneers in various ways of preaching today.  At the end of the Eucharist, the IRYG Participant representative read a joint statement and commitment.

The joy of togetherness was even more lively with the presence of ASIOC RYM minister’s Meeting of participants.  They were warmly welcomed by Indonesian Youth and the Redemptorists of Indonesia.   May this encounter be a moment that continues to move the Redemptorists and the young people to walk with fellow young people and contribute intelligently in the Church and society.

Fr. Willy Ng Pala CSsR.

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