4# Forms of Association within the Shared Mission


In the fourth video in this series Fr. Rui Santiago addresses the contents of the Directory for Shared Mission, also deals with some of the differences and similarities among the three main categories of lay people who share the mission of the Redemptorists: The Lay Missionaries of the Most Holy Redeemer, the Lay Redemptorist Groups / Lay Associates, and the Lay Collaborators. The second Chapter of the Directory deals with “the people” involved in the Shared Mission process, which are categorized, according to Fr. Rui, not by “degrees” or “levels” of importance, but by forms of belonging or identity with the Redemptorist charism. Ultimately, what unites all Redemptorists, professed and laity is our unique baptismal vocation and our identity with the Redemptorist charism.

Secretariat for Evangelization

The fourth video (of five) can be viewed: