Temporary vows renewed despite pandemic


In this time of pandemic, amid suffering and uncertainty, good news is hard to find – uncommon circumstances seem to be thematic in this new normal. Thien Hoang, a student of the Denver Province, renewed his temporary vows on May 21 at Mother of Perpetual Help Parish in Garland, TX. Mother of Perpetual Help is in a suburb of Dallas, and one of the larger, more active parishes staffed by confreres of the Extra Patriam Vice Province.

Above, left to right: Fr. Hao Pham, associate pastor of Mother of Perpetual Help Parish, and Fr. Hung Le, vocations director of the Extra Patriam Vice Province, witness Thien Hoang’s renewal of vows, which Provincial Superior Stephen Rehrauer delegated to Fr. Paul Hai Nguyen, pastor of Mother of Perpetual Help Parish.

While delegation of vows is nothing new, the pandemic gave way to unity and solidarity between the Denver Province and the Extra Patriam Vice Province. This renewal brought into fruition a definite sign of God’s grace present during this trying time. Please continue to pray for Thien as he continues to discern God’s call in initial formation and beyond.

Courtesy: DenverLink, update 05.22.20

See the Mass and ceremony: