Feast of the Most Holy Redeemer, 2020: Formation


On the Feast of the Most Holy Redeemer, the Congregation, through the General Secretariat for Formation, launches an updated version of the Ratio Formationis. It is not a new Ratio Formationis Generalis. Instead, it is an updated and revised Ratio to incorporate decisions and other aspects of integral formation which have assumed greater importance in recent years.

These updates reflect recent Vatican documents, such as the new Ratio Fundamentalis Institutionis Sacerdotalis, 2016, documents produced during the year of Consecrated Life (2014-2015), the recommendations of the recent Synods of Bishops, especially the Synod on Youth and Vocational Discernment (2018), the document from the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and for Societies of Apostolic Life (CICLSAL) on Brothers and New Wine, New Wineskins from the same Dicastery, as well as other indications about formation for and in Consecrated Life.

At the same time, the Ratio Formationis Generalis (2020) has updated and integrated the decisions of the 24th and 25th General Chapters (2009/2016) and the Decree on Initial Formation (April 2015). (V) Provincial Secretariats of Formation should ensure that these decisions are integrated into the programs for both initial and continuing formation.

It is important to remember that the principles of formation, as well as the different fundamental dimensions (Human, Spiritual, Community, Academic, and Pastoral-Missionary), must continue to guide and animate our formation programs so that they prepare authentic and effective Redemptorist Missionaries to witness to the Redeemer and preach the Gospel ever anew.

General Secretariat for Formation

Letter of the Superior General: Letter – Ratio Formationis Updated 2020

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