North American Conference of Redemptorists Communications Commission Established


The Redemptorist General Government in Rome has asked that all Redemptorist Conferences across the world create Communications Commissions in addition to having created the position of a Communications Director for each Conference.

I am proud to announce that the North American Conference of Redemptorists now officially has a Communications Commission which represents all of the Provinces/Units in North America.

The Commission members are: Fr. Ako Walker, C.Ss.R. (Baltimore Province), Fr. Aaron Mezsaros, C.Ss.R. (Denver Province), Fr. Tony Bidgood, C.Ss.R. (Province of Canada) and Fr. Michael Nguyen, C.Ss.R. (Vice Province of Extra Patriam).

The Commission will also include among its members Fr. Jack Kingsbury, C.Ss.R., Supervisor of the North American Conference of Redemptorists and Fr. Charlie Wehrley, C.Ss.R., Communications Director for the Conference.

The Role of the North American Conference of Redemptorists Commission for Communications and Media

1. A Commission under the direction of the Director of Communications for the North American Conference of Redemptorists that will work with the Conference Communications Office to promote communications/media about North American Redemptorists, internally and externally, on two different levels:
-Conference Level
-Unit/Province Level

2. The Conference-Level Commission will be composed of representatives of each of the four (Vice) Provinces/Units of North America: Baltimore, Canada, Denver and Extra-Patriam. It will also include the Conference Director of Communications and the Administrator of the North American Conference of Redemptorists. The Commission is free to invite other individuals, commissions or secretariats to join its deliberations according to its needs.

3. The Commission will ensure that Communications and Media are given sufficient emphasis in the life and mission of the Congregation within North America.

4. The Commission will work with the Communications Commission of the General Government in Rome when asked for assistance. The Director of the North American Communications Office, being a member of the General Government Communications Commission, will keep said Commission informed on news/media in North America.

5. The focus of the North American Conference Communications Commission will be to provide primarily digital communications to fellow Redemptorists and to North American Catholics via Facebook, websites, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and other forms of digital communication that Units prefer.

Charlie Wehrley, CSsR.


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