Commitment of the first 7 Lay Missionaries

Lay Missionaries with Frs. Marcelo Pomar and Ariel Cattáneo (Provincial and Vicar).

(Buenos Aires) With grateful and excited hearts, we want to share with everyone the deep and serene joy that comes from having made our commitment as Lay Missionaries of the Most Holy Redeemer last February 15, in Villa Allende – Cordoba – Argentina.

We are seven lay people who made the commitment: Macarena Sarmiento, Nora Trabucco, Sergio Bertolini, Mariana Sosa, Belén Maza, Verónica Soria and myself.

Macarena, Nora, Sergio, Mariana, Cintia, Belén and Verónica.

Each one arrived at this moment with their own personal story, a story of love and redemption with the Beloved. Some time ago, we began to walk and mature together, sharing our search and concerns with depth, respect, laughter and fraternal spirit.

Although we planned to commit on 1 August 2020, we had to postpone it, but we always believed that we were already living the commitment. This gave us enough serenity to calm our anxieties. Moreover, we were of one mind: “we cannot keep silent about what we have seen and heard”. The Holy Spirit encouraged and sustained us.

Finally the day we had been waiting for arrived.

Brothers from different parts of the world sent their greetings and encouragement, surprising us to the point of tears. Thank you for this experience of feeling and knowing that we are very much loved children of God and St. Alphonsus!

An exceptional thanks to our dear Father Marcelo Pomar C.Ss.R., Provincial Superior of the Province of Buenos Aires, for accompanying us with his prayer, presence, time and closeness in this process, for helping us to discern, always encouraging us to be faithful to God’s love.

Thank you, our Good Father! Give us always the desire to follow Jesus, to be passionate and to live as we gaze in His face, sustained by the Word, the Eucharist and the heart of the cross, which is redemption and new life. Amen.

As we did on the day of the commitment, we continue to place ourselves under the protection of our Mother of Perpetual Help, placing our lives in her hands. She holds us close to Jesus, in her arms, always and forever.

A big hug from Argentina!

Cintia Cajal

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