Media Key Persons’ Meeting – Asia Oceania


The key persons for Media from each of the units of the conference of Asia-Oceania (AO) just completed a four-day meeting from 25th to 28th of Jan, 2021, spanning over two hours each day, touching on our mission of Evangelization namely through the use of digital media. The Commission of Media and Communication in AO headed by Fr. Charles Vijay Kumar, C.Ss.R. of the Province of Bangalore, together with the AO Conference Coordinator, Fr. Ben Ma, C.Ss.R. has been working hard in the background to set up this meeting to bring together all the units of the conference.

There were fifteen participants including the Conference Co-ordinator. All participants shared that the pandemic had created opportunities and openings to further their media-related mission. The pandemic also set the stage for the commission to look at teleconferencing as a viable option in the manner that unit representatives would gather. The meeting took place over Zoom. After a robust round of introduction about ourselves and the work we do, Fr. Charles brought the participants through the draft proposal for a strategic plan of the conference. The participants shared their views, their concerns, and their expectations from the commission accordingly. The meeting ended with concrete proposals coming from the participants for the commission to work on. The commission would like to thank Fr. Ben Ma and all the major superiors for the firm and generous support.

Fr. Francis Vijayan, C.Ss.R.

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