New issue of Spicilegium Historicum


This year marks 150 anniversary of the declaration of St. Alphonsus de Liguori as a Doctor of the Church. In connection with it, the new issue of Spicilegium Historicum (n. 1/2021) brings two interesting contributions of professors of the Alphonsian Academy.

Fr. Vimal Tirimanna, C.Ss.R., analyses the moral magisterium of Pope Francis and highlights six of the most salient characteristics of the moral thought that Pope and St. Alphonsus have in common. – Primarily, both are preoccupied with the salvation of persons in view of the bountiful mercy of God, and so, have expressed their moral theological thoughts from an exclusively pastoral point of view – states the author.

Fr. Antonio Donato, C.Ss.R., describes phases of the process that led to the declaration of St. Alphonsus as a Doctor of the Church. He also proposes to return to some significant contents of St. Alphonsus’ rich written legacy, analyzing his work “Uniformity to God’s Will” in connection with the event.

Spicilegium Historicum, 1/2021, table of contents:

  • Tirimanna, Vimal, C.Ss.R, 150th Anniversary of the Declaration of St. Alphonsus as a Doctor of the Church: Moral Teachings of Pope Francis: A Recovery of Fundamental Alphonsian Moral Concepts?
  • Donato, Antonio, C.Ss.R., «Tutto… è opera di Dio». Il dottorato di Sant’Alfonso e la necessità ri-maturata di ritornare sempre alla “fonte” e alle “fonti”.
  • Macko, Martin, C.Ss.R., Die Causa Johannes Evangelist Willim und das zweite Missions-Projekt in Bukarest.
  • Munarini, Giuseppe, I Padri Redentoristi di Rito Bizantino in Canada ed in Ucraina.
  • García Juan – García, Vicente, C.Ss.R, Misiones Redentoristas en Espafia 1863-2019.
  • Macko, Martin C.Ss.R., Josef Konstantin Miklik C.Ss.R. Exile Odyssey.
  • Šmìd, Marek, Josef Konstantin Miklik C.Ss.R. and his „Book on the proper Establishment of the State”.
  • Machek, Vit, Josef Konstantin Miklik, C.Ss.R., Bibliographies.