“You are my brother” …sounds like hope


On 2 February, the feast of the Presentation of the Lord, the World Day for Consecrated Life was celebrated with the theme, “Consecrated life, a parable of brotherhood in a wounded world”.

This day aimed to help the whole Church value ever more highly the witness of those who have chosen to follow Christ closely and dedicate their lives to Him.

“This day is the feast of the gratuitousness of the Spirit. It is the feast of all those who do not think of themselves, who continue to be moved by the signs of good. It is the feast of those who see the good; of those who look far away, of those who do not lose themselves in details of bitterness. It is the day of men and women who want to love, who need to love, whose lives are dedicated to love. It is the gratitude for those who have discovered that life is valuable when given and placed at others’ service. It is the celebration of all of them. Their celebration. They do not need plaques, nor tributes; nor a street, nor to be headlines on the façade of a school… The great thing about consecrated life is that they know that their names are written where they belong: in the heart of God. And so this silent and, at the same time, dispensable presence succeeds in announcing to the world that fraternity exists and is possible; it succeeds in telling the Church that it is possible to live with nothing when your all is God. It manages to tell everyone, wherever they are and whatever they live: you are my brother, and it does not sound empty, it sounds like hope.” (“Jornada de la Vida Consagrada 2021” por Gonzalo Díez, vidareligiosa.es)

On this particular day, in Our Mother of Perpetual Help Parish in the city of Tarija, the 13 redemptorist students renewed their religious vows:

  • Luis Ernesto Callaú Chao
  • Félix Escobar Ovando
  • Álvaro Humberto Flores Paredes
  • Erick Yasmani Callaú Unari
  • Luis Fernando Rivero Lurici
  • Carlos Alberto Segovia Gusqui
  • Holguer Abel Salao Moyón
  • Harold Rodrigo Pinto Escalera
  • Ronald Agapito Bolivar Aparicio
  • Luis Alberto Callahuara Mendoza
  • Roy Quispe Yañez
  • Melciades Puscán Puerta
  • Alex David Paquiyauri Aparco

Afterwards, two novices, Brothers Dilmar Ordoñez Condori and Diego Navarro Lema made their vows of poverty, chastity and obedience in the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer, being received by the Provincial Superior Fr. Boris Calzadilla.

It is an important date to celebrate COMMUNION in Redemptorist Family. It is to make the consecration anew… And every year is new because the life of each day is new…. new light… new calls… new documents… new community project… new situations of the brothers… of society… of the Church, of the world… and unique call to remain open to the “new vision” that will bring us newness to live “the Vows for the mission and to choose life”.

Conscious of our fragility and with the commitment to live God’s will in our lives, we ask for your prayers.

Fr. Boris Calzadilla, C.Ss.R.