Final Profession in Indonesia


On March 13, 2021, at the Wisma Sang Penebus, Yogyakarta, five Redemptoris brothers namely Bro. Hendra Resing, Bro. Inyo Aliandu, Bro. Heri Lewar, Bro. Gervas Kenoba and Bro. Leon Peuma made their Final Profession. Their motto for this occasion is “Stand firm, do not be shaken, and always be zealous in the work of the Lord” (1 Cor 15:58).

The Eucharistic celebration began at 17:00 with due observance of health protocols. Even though it is still in the middle of the pandemic, it does not reduce to render of gratitude to God for this important event. The whole celebration was broadcasted via the official Youtube of Wisma Sang Penebus so that families could participate online in the perpetual vows from their respective places. This is a great joy for the community of Wisma Sang Penebus, the Redemptorist congregation, and surely the universal Church.

In his homily, the Provincial said, “When a person makes a decision to be always active in God’s work, he must have a different perspective about God and about himself and about others. When people say that they are focused on God’s work, that means they have seen a world, a human being, their life in a different way.” He continued that “the formation process is a process of forming a new perspective on how to see oneself, how to see others. Most importantly is how to see God. These are all perspectives in faith. And when people get to this point, that person has seen God in a new way. The God we believe in and trust is a God of love.” He invites us all to become mediators of God’s love. We are also moved to love others because we feel loved by God. On this St. Alphonsus wrote, “Love, love Jesus. Love Him continuously. Don’t forget, that he himself never stops loving you.”

This gracious event brings joy, happines,s and hopes to all of us. All of these are proofs of God’s great love. This is evident from the presence of Redemptorist confreres, friends, acquaintances who live around the House of the Redeemer. Their presence is support and prayer for our confreres and also for the Redemptorist congregation. In this Eucharistic celebration, there was also a blessing ceremony for a new building which was named the Wagener Unit in memory of the late Fr. Wili Wagener. This is also a witness to God’s love for the community of Wisma Sang Penebus. There was a fellowship meal for the invited guests which followed by a recreation in the Wagener Hall. We continue to rejoice and thank God for the wonderful work of God. Everything is put together in togetherness.

Finally, we wish God’s abundant blessings to the finally professed to carry on the work of God with zeal and being a mediator of God’s great love in the midst of this world.

Fr. Willy Ng. Pala