New impulses for Partnership in Mission


In the winter season 2020-2021, an interesting reflection process on Partnership in Mission took place in Europe The working group for PiM of the CRE had organized this process. In doing so, the working group was encouraged by the CRE-leadership advised and assisted by Anne Walsh (Province of Edmonton-Toronto) of the General Commission PiM. The trial took place online. Each unit of the CRE provided a few participants, including at least one redemptorist and one Partner in Mission. Also the coordinator of the CRE and Fr. Pedro Lopez from the general government participated.

The aim of the process was to formulate hopes, goals and strategies related to PiM at the level of the CRE. This happened in three meetings (October 10, November 14 and November 30). The process was purposeful and effective and also had the character of spiritual sharing and community building. The impulses of Anne Walsh were very helpful. The online nature of the process enabled us to connect as many people as possible from as many units, language groups, cultures and countries as possible. It was a unique experience.

The working group recently harvested the results of the process. We found that many constructive and inspiring ideas have emerged. Gradually it became clear that the core of PiM is the Mission of the redemptorist family. Around this core, there are three categories critical to the development of partnership in this mission: vital encounter, lifelong conversion and formation. The working group is currently working on a (multimedia) publication about all this that can help the CRE to take further steps in implementing and operationalizing PiM.

Eric Corsius