General Secretariat of Formation worked on the report for the 26th General Chapter

Fr. Rogério Gomes, C.Ss.R. (General Council), Fr. Manuel Rodríguez, C.Ss.R. (General Secretary), Fr. Joseph Musendami, C.Ss.R. (Africa and Madagascar), Fr. Edilberto Cepi, C.Ss.R. (Asia and Oceania), Fr. Hypius Václav, C.Ss.R. (Europe), Bro. Larry Lújan, C.Ss.R. (North America)

The General Secretariat of Formation met during the week of April 25th using the Zoom platform.  The main agenda was the report on Formation to be submitted to the Preparatory Commission for the 26th General Chapter.

The Secretariat had been preparing the draft copy of this report for the last few months following the structure and Parts as suggested by the Preparatory Commission, that is: statistics; responses to the decisions on formation made by the 25th General Chapter; an assessment of the current state of formation in the Congregation today; an analysis of formation, Conference by Conference, indicating the achievements and obstacles; and finally, suggestion for postulates on formation to be presented to the General Chapter.

Since the report was a summary of the many areas to which the Secretariat had dedicated itself during the last few years, the task of revision and approval of this draft Report document was easily done and without many final modifications.

During our meetings, we were saddened to receive the news of the passing away of Fr. Alberto Eseverri´s mother, Irene Laspalas (1923 – 2021).  Fr. Eseverri is the president of the Formation Secretariat and the Vicar of the Congregation.  We remembered daily in our prayers her eternal rest and the comfort for Fr. Alberto and his three sisters that comes from our Redeemer’s promise of eternal life.