When tradition is stronger than the pandemic


Devotion: the prayer of the 9 Saturdays rosary in honour of Perpetual Help begins

In Salta, Argentina, 155 years have passed since the re-establishment of the public worship of the Virgin of Perpetual Help.

On 17 April, the prayer of the Rosary of the Dawn in honour of the Virgin of Perpetual Help began. The first was at 7 am, while at 7.30 am, a mass was celebrated in the parish church of Leguizamón 848, in the city of Salta. There was a procession through the adjacent streets, and at all times, people respected the distances as a preventive measure against Covid 19.

At the end of the religious activities, hot chocolate and alfajores were distributed to those present, who then left the place. “People were very respectful of the preventive measures. It was all very orderly. The work of the servers was noticeable, and there was accompaniment from the police and the Transit Department,” said Delia, a devotee of the Virgin.

The recitation of the rosary is a traditional ritual that is repeated for nine Saturdays before the main feast. The Archbishop’s Office announced that they will comply with the preventive protocols against the spread of the coronavirus, taking care of the social distance and demanding the use of masks.

It is worth remembering that on 27 June every year, the feast in honour of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, patron saint of the Redemptorist Fathers, is celebrated. The image is located on the main altar of the church of San Alfonso and commemorates the care that the Virgin Mary gave to Jesus from conception to his death and resurrection.