Pattaya blind school may close without new donations


The Redemptorist School for the Blind may shut down if it cannot find new funding, its director said Tuesday.

Chid Suknu said the Catholic Church-backed school has struggled to survive over the past year due to a precipitous plunge in the charitable donations it uses to pay the bills. The coronavirus pandemic has made it impossible to hold fundraising events and the global recession has sapped foreign contributions, Chid said.

Teachers started their own garden to grow food for the children and generate income by selling surplus, but that’s not enough, he said. Instructors don’t have enough funds for books and supplies.

Teachers and blind children help to sort out the vegetables collected from their garden.

While the latest Covid-19 outbreak and shutdown came during the school holidays, about 10 percent of the students remain on campus. The start of the school year has now been delayed until at least June 1.

Chid said the school instructed parents to only bring primary students back to campus. Kindergarten students will have to wait until its safer and the school has more money, he said.

Chid Suknu, Director of the Pattaya Redemptorist School for the Blind said that donations are down to almost nothing and they are struggling to keep the blind school open.

Chid said if donations don’t increase, the blind school will be in “critical condition” by October.

Those wishing to donate can do so by depositing money in Siam Commercial Bank account 669-2-10787-4. For more information, call 097-123-6842. (Thailand)