Africa is still waiting for solidarity


The 24th and 25th General Chapters of the Congregation have decided that the Conference of Redemptorists for Africa and Madagascar (COREAM) is enlisted as a priority for the Congregation. At the spring meeting held online on April 22, the General Commission for Africa and Madagascar asked some questions to the Superiors of the Redemptorist provinces, vice provinces, and missions belonging to this Conference to analyse the current situation. We present below the output of this survey.

“Africa and Madagascar is a priority for the Congregation” – How do you understand this? 

There is a feeling that the decision about the Conference of Africa and Madagascar to be a priority of the Congregation has not yet been concretized. It has not yet become a reality. Therefore, it is expected that something more has to be done because it is a matter of urgency.

It is expected broader human and financial support from the Congregation towards COREAM. There is also a need for solidarity among the Units that COREAM is composed of. To take on this priority, solidarity must begin within COREAM. For example, we must live solidarity in personnel, in a common mission, and share the cost of the common formation.

How could COREAM be a priority for the Redemptorist Congregation?

We appreciate the decisions of the last two General Chapters regarding Africa and Madagascar as a priority of the whole Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer. We are grateful for creating the Fund for Africa and Madagascar and the great work done by the Bursar. We recognize that one important way of concretizing this decision of COREAM being a priority for the Congregation is to support the Fund for Africa and Madagascar. The Fund for Africa and Madagascar should be able to sustain Common Formation and Common Mission in COREAM.

Besides that, there are other ways of concretizing this decision of COREAM being a priority for the Congregation. For example:

  • Helping put in place structures: common houses of formation; common mission.
  • Sustaining formation at all levels (formation of students, ongoing formation, specialized formation, training in technology, training on carrying out ministries and apostolates in our Continent) and preparing efficient and responsible leadership.
  • Improving good communication within COREAM and with the other Conferences of the Congregation.
  • Learning to go out of our zones of comforts and having the spirit of missionary availability.
  • Sustaining the restructuring process…

How to move forward, making known the reality of our Redemptorist Units, presence, mission, formation in Africa and Madagascar?

  • We will soon share some materials available, including photos and video, on the life and mission of the Units! 
  • This work will continue with the Office of Communication of the Congregation, and on the Congregation website develop modules to make better known the reality in Africa and Madagascar. This is for other Conferences and within the COREAM. This concern, in particular, Mission, Formation, Personnel, and Finances!

May the Lord, God the Heavenly Father, bless our Congregation and make fruitful our daily mission. Amen.

The General Commission

See the webpage to get more details on the Redemptorist mission in Africa and Madagascar