Final and temporary vows in Indonesia


On the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul, Indonesian Redemptorists shared the joy of Bro. Gabriel Tay Hunga Meha C.Ss.R, who made his final profession. The same day, 24 novices took temporary vows, and 15 young men entered the novitiate. It took place at the  Wanno Gaspar on June 29, 2021. Families, friends and confreres attended this event.

Of course, this is a great blessing for Indonesia Redemptorists and the whole Congregation as well.  God always sends young people who intend to choose the Way of God, become candidates for ministry as a priest or a religious brother. Whiles the world is filled with tempting offers to chase and achieve the worldly success in its various forms, there are some people to choose a lonely, long and winding road to dedicate their lives to God, the Church and others.

“Everyone who for my name leaves his house, brother or sister, father or mother, children or fields, will receive a hundred times as much and will have eternal life” (Matt 19,29). These words of the Lord Jesus are always challenging and tempting and will always sound loud in the midst of the world’s noise.
Congratulations to the young Indonesian Redemptorists:  go forward to proclaim the abundance redemption to everyone. Don’t ever be afraid.  As the provincial said in his homily, “He who chose you, He will also guide your path”.

 Fr.  Willy Ng Pala, CSsR.

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