Spain: “Acoger y Compartir” helps Haiti


The association Acoger y Compartir, led by Redemptorist José Miguel de Haro, sent a container loaded with 10,000 kg of rice, 5,000 kg of beans and another 5,000 kg of chickpeas to Haiti last Wednesday. In addition, two pallets of oil, one pallet of medicines and one pallet of new shoes were included. Also sent were bars of soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes and other non-perishable food that members of the parish community of Santísimo Redentor in Madrid and other places have contributed.

For its part, the supermarket chain Sánchez Romero has contributed a hundred bags of food and will continue to help with a new container that will be sent to Haiti next October. On the other hand, the Sisters of Consolation, whose school is next to the Santísimo Redentor parish in Madrid, launched a solidarity campaign with the container sent yesterday.