Christmas Appeal 2021, by Association for Solidarity


(Madrid, Spain) If there is one thing that defines the season of Advent, it is the word HOPE. Hope for all that is to come. Hope for all that we can build. Hope for Christmas and the birth of Jesus.

We have been living in unusual times for many months now. We have lost count of the historic days we have seen lately. And perhaps, in the meantime, we do not realise that we are opening a new time. A new time that allows us to build, together, a better world.

From the Redemptorist NGO “Asociación para la Solidaridad” (Association for Solidarity), we want this new time that we are opening to be a TIME OF HOPE. And we want to count on you.

This year we propose two projects that show us two different faces of the hope that we want to bring: one in Spain and the other in Guatemala. Together with the Oblates of the Most Holy Redeemer, we want to bring hope to two realities that need to find that hope that we will celebrate on December 25th.

🎈 We want to bring hope to Bilbao, supporting the integration support project focused on housing.
Our aim is to guarantee decent housing or accommodation for 10 women and their children for a year. A roof over their heads that will allow their incorporation and social integration by covering 50% of the rent so that, between all of us, we can be the boost they need until they can live independently.

🎈 And we also want our hope to cross the ocean to Guatemala thanks to the project “Caring. Learn. Share” project.

With this project, we try to prevent, detect and respond to the threat that Covid-19 represents to one of the most vulnerable groups: women who work as prostitutes, who are victims of trafficking or who are in a situation of serious social exclusion. We want to build a space to attend to them, cover their basic needs and accompany them in their process of social and labour integration.

We want you to accompany us in this TIME OF HOPE, to help us build it.
🤚 It’s time for commitment.
⚙️ It’s time for solidarity.
☀️ It’s a time for hope

Association for Solidarity –

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