Fr. Andriy Rak speaks from Lviv about the situation in Ukraine


This morning, Fr. Andriy Rak, C.Ss.R., Provincial Superior of the Lviv Province, shared a video message with us. He gives a brief report on the current situation in Ukraine that is suffering from Russian aggression. Fr. Andriy accounts how the Redemptorists in Ukraina assist the people who ask for help and shelter. He also says thanks for all signs of solidarity with them in this difficult time.

Read the full text of Fr. Andriy Rak’s video message:

Dear friends and everybody who is not indifferent to today’s situation in Ukraine. 

Greetings from Ukraine, where we are now experiencing the great scourge of war.

On February twenty-fourth, Ukraine woke up at war.

Today is the tenth day of it. As for now, more than a million refugees left our country. Poland and other countries of Europe accepted them. 

There are already 532 deaths; 19 of them are children and 675 wounded, out of which there are 31 children. 

In the first days, the aggressor tried to attack and destroy military facilities. Aggressor’s many tries to capture cities and strategic objects failed. Today enemy attacks are directed towards civil infrastructure, houses, and nuclear power plants. 

The number of victims had risen. Somewhere citizens of occupied cities go out on demonstrations against occupiers. Also, there are cases when Russians shoot civilians. 

We, as Redemptorists and consecrated people, – try to support people. Support with talks, confessions and prayer in these hard days. Our people come to churches and our monasteries. They are scared and ask for support. 

When we can, – we help refugees with transportation to safe places. We try to give them temporary shelter in our monasteries. A big part of refugees travels abroad.

Part of our confreres is present in the places of fighting. Big support for the people there is to come and pray together.

War is not a way to solve problems. It’s very sad that governments of countries do such actions. I think that it is the pick of evil in civil society. It hurts when countries’ governments and military become tools of evil.

Today from different parts of the world we hear words and prayers of support and encouragement. It is very important for us in the time of opposition to aggression. 

I am genuinely grateful to the international society for the different help and support that is given to us in this not easy time.