My place is today in Ukraine


One of our Redemptorist Confreres, Fr. Oleh Zymak, explains in this video why he left his doctoral studies in Rome to return to Ukraine shortly before the Russian invasion began this new escalation of the war. 

As he explains in French interviewed for Belgian Catholic Television, he could not remain safely in Rome while so many people were threatened. He knew that Christ was calling him to be among these people in need – not as a soldier but as a priest. To comfort and provide refuge. 

You will see the evidence of destruction in the city where he is serving the poor, the frightened and the homeless. The Redemptorist Missionaries have offered shelter, food and comfort. 

You can hear the sirens and the bombardment in the background. 

Please pray for Fr. Oleh, and for all his people suffering the effects of war and violence. 

Copiosa Apud Eum Redemptio.

Below you can see the original French version; here is the link to the version with English voice (dubbing)