Redemptorist seminarians work with Caritas volunteers at the Ukrainian border.


For over a week now, seminarians from the Redemptorist Major Seminary in Tuchow have volunteered at the Polish-Ukrainian border in Zosin. They temporarily gave up their studies to help refugees crossing the Ukrainian-Polish border and provide them with initial support.

As Fr. Maciej Sadowski, C.Ss.R. informs, four seminarians are helping refugees coming from Ukraine. They work at the Caritas station under the supervision of Fr. Maciej Ziębiec, C.Ss.R., a member of the Redemptorist community in Warsaw, who also volunteered to work at the border crossing.

Since more seminarians have declared their willingness to help the refugees, there is a plan for small groups to go for several days and work in turns, not giving up the classes for longer.

The Redemptorist Major Seminary seminary and monastery Tuchow, together with a local shrine parish, are also involved in coordinating aid to parishes in Ukraine where the Redemptorists of the Lviv Province minister. – Those parishes in western Ukraine are now centres of humanitarian aid.

Many Redemptorist communities from all over the world have responded to the needs of the Ukrainian people suffering from war. Confreres, who have remained in the place, continue to assist the people and provide them with the humanitarian aid received from abroad.