Meeting of the General Secretariat for Finance


The General Secretariat for Finance met in Rome from 25 to 27 May. The theme of the meeting was the annual review of the Congregation’s financial situation, the outcome of the 2021 audit of the General Treasurer’s Office, an analysis of budget execution, and an assessment of the impact of the overall situation on the finances of the General Government.

The meeting was attended by six of the eight members. The meeting was prepared by Fr. Vicente Soria CSsR, General Treasurer, and Br. Jeffrey Rolle, moderated by Fr. Gerry O’Connor, Procurator for Africa and Madagascar.

The Secretariat discussed the main challenges facing the Congregation. Among the topical issues were the economic and social consequences of the ongoing pandemic.

Other issues considered included stable assets and the audit manual currently being developed, which would be a helpful tool for better administrative and financial organisation of the Congregation’s Units.

Emphasis was placed on the need to strengthen solidarity within the Redemptorist family worldwide. An ongoing challenge is to provide the resources for adequate formation for the candidates of our Congregation, especially in Units in the poorer regions of the world.

To meet current challenges and continue the Redemptorist mission in today’s ‘wounded world’, it is necessary to organise financial support structures, so one session was devoted to the need to create a fundraising mechanism to strengthen the mission of the Congregation.

(Scala News)