Ukrainian refugees with the Redemptorists in Bonn

Father Jürgen Langer Cssr, Carl, a volunteer and with some Ukrainian students in front of the Collegium Josephinum Bonn.

Since March 2022, some Ukrainian war refugees have been living in the Redemptorist monastery in Bonn. The monastery had offered to take in refugees from the authorities. Mostly mothers with their children have been accommodated, but also two Ukrainian religious sisters of the Most Holy Redeemer, Sister Maria and Sister Sofia. Both support Ukrainians in the entire region between Cologne and Bonn. For example, they help with translations or offer talks in the convent.

Sixteen Ukrainian children of school age attend the Collegium Josephinum, the Redemptorist school in Bonn. They have been well received in the school community. The “KSJ Klemens Hofbauer Gruppe” from Bonn (a youth group) has organised several activities for the Ukrainian children, such as an afternoon of games or an excursion to Phantasialand, one of the most famous amusement parks in Europe.

Sister Maria and Sofia, Fathers Jack, Ludger, Emanuel, Jürgen, Cyril, Ian and Gaston with Ukrainians at the Rhine in Bonn.

Father Ludger Wolfert, the rector of the Bonn monastery, says: “It is a unique new experience to live in our house with people who have had a difficult fate. They are infinitely grateful and so far also satisfied with the opportunities we can offer them. And it also enriches our life in the house, as we meet again and again during the day. Some of the language difficulties can be bridged well with language apps on the mobile phone.”

story & pictures from Benedikt Schüller, Province St. Clemens

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