The Province of Indonesia held its Chapter


On Sunday evening, 19 February 2023, the sky was still cloudy in Katiku Loku when the capitulars arrived at PusPas (Pastoral Center). Pater Simon, the director of PusPas and his staff had prepared everything to entertain the present confreres.

Even though the weather was overcast, the old atmosphere did not reduce the warmth and joy of the confreres, including the capitulars, community representatives, secretariat and congregational institutions that had come. The evening began with dinner and was followed by a gaudeamus.

The Redemptorist of Indonesia Provincial Chapter in the 2023-2026 quadrennium occurred on 20-23 February 2023 in Puspas, Katiku Loku, Central Sumba. The chapter members arrived from all corners of Indonesia, where we serve.

The theme of the Chapter is MISSIONARY OF HOPE IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF THE REDEEMER. This theme is reflected currently by and throughout the Congregation within this sexennium following the spirit of the 26th General Chapter.

All chapter programs started with a Eucharistic celebration led by the Provincial, Fr. Jack Umbu Warata CSsR. The first day of the Provincial Chapter lays out the basic directions for leadership in the quadrennium.

There are three basic directions which are the priority of the leadership. Firstly, human resource development and mission work. This upgrade aims to prepare confreres who will and will continue to work anywhere with various skills and abilities for more efficient and effective ministry.

Secondly, community life development. This is important for us as apostles, strengthening unity in ministry and guaranteeing spiritual life. Because of that, all members are invited to give attention to matters related to weekly meetings-community recreation, community recollection, strengthening the role of the secretariat and the role of superior.

Thirdly, economic development and financial transparency. The confreres are invited to remain actively involved in the business of independence, to live according to the budget, and develop and utilize various assets owned by the Congregation.

After the presentation by the Provincial Superior, community representatives, institutions, and secretariats within the province presented reports on the conditions and dynamics of life that occurred in each work site and continued with clarification and discussion.

Furthermore, the capitulars discussed and explored various points related to the primary direction set by the provincial leadership in the three priorities mentioned above. This discussion resulted in a draft recommendation and a court decision.

After having lunch with the  Pastoral Center Community on the last day, the capitulars continued the meeting to discuss and ratify the chapter’s decision which assisted provincial leaders in directing the ministry and services of the province both internally and externally. 

After voting for the decision, in his closing remarks at the session, the Provincial delivered a brief report on his duties as procurator for seven years in Germany and thanked the Province for entrusting him with the office. Furthermore, he invites the capitulars and all confreres to be united in heart and one goal by caring for and loving one another.

Acknowledgements to the capitulars, communities, secretariats and work institutions that have worked and submitted reports. The same thanks go out to all who have facilitated this Chapter.

By this, the Provincial officially closed the first Chapter of the quadrennium. Copiosa apud Eum Redemptio.

Willy Pala CSsR

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